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Use T’ai Chi To Help Relieve The Pain Of Joint Disease

Many experts around the world agree that one of the best ways to fight the onset of joint disease is by practicing T’ai Chi.

In fact, T’ai Chi is among the simplest exercises to understand and perform, plus it’s appropriate for just about any age.

Fighting Joint Disease

Joint disease is inflammation of the bones and can be very painful, particularly in the joints. It can be triggered by numerous factors such as diet, age, weight problems, fitness levels etc. Anyone who has this illness can experience stiffness and discomfort that discourages them from taking exercise.

This is a Catch 22 situation; because if you don’t exercise the joints the pain and inflammation could get worse. So you’re left with a difficult choice: Leave well alone, or try to exercise as best you can and keep the joints as flexible as possible within the limits of movement.

By continuing to keep the tissue and muscles strong, it may further safeguard and offer relief to the joints. Once activity increases, it promotes better circulation and supplies body fluid and nourishing blood around the tendons, joints and muscles, thus promoting more effective healing.

4 Ways To Get Your Joints Moving Again

1. Muscle Strengthening

Exercises that strengthen the muscles around the joints also increase the effectiveness of joint movement. Concentrate on this and you’ll also minimize further injuries that could occur. You’ll lower joint discomfort, improve muscle strength and gain the ability to complete a lot more movement with less pain.

2. Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility exercises cut down stiffness by keeping the joints more supple. Regular range-of-motion exercises will help you move joints which are affected by bone disease and improve your mobility in various directions. Tai Chi is excellent in increasing your flexibility.

3. Posture

Your overall bodily posture is improved as a natural result of T’ai Chi practice. As soon as you see results in flexibility and muscle strength, you’ll see and feel an improvement in your posture.

4. Fitness

T’ai Chi exercises help to strengthen the lungs, heart and increases stamina. All are important to maintain proper health. Careful attention to all these areas promotes healthy body tissue and joints, which always require oxygen for rejuvenation and healing.

So now you can see that through Tai Chi, you’ll have better blood and oxygen circulation which in turn can keep the muscles strong and joints flexible.

Inside Dr. Stewart McFarlane’s book, ‘T’ai Chi for Life, Health and Fitness’ you’ll find lots of exercises to help build up all areas of your mind, body and spirit to help ward off the pain of joint disease.

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