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T’ai Chi Helps Protect Adults against Shingles

Research seems to suggest that T’ai Chi can help to prevent the VZV or varicella-zoster virus – commonly known as Shingles – by increasing the body’s immune system towards it.

Not only can T’ai Chi help prevent susceptibility to Shingles, it can also boost the body’s response to the vaccine for older adults. According to online encyclopaedia Wikipedia; VZV is the virus responsible for diseases like shingles and chickenpox:

What exactly are Shingles?

At its most basic level, Shingles is a viral infection that causes painful rashes over the body. Blisters appear in the centre of a person’s back and can spread down the side of the body and over the chest. Other areas of the body such as the scalp, neck and face can also become infected. It’s said by people who’ve suffered from it that it can be unbearably painful.

A tell-tale sign of trouble is that it usually starts on one side of the body.

Shingles is not life-threatening, just extremely painful. The virus stays dormant in the body after contracting chickenpox, but years later, can be reactivated. Think of it as a long-term side-effect of the chickenpox virus.

Who’s At Risk?

Shingles is a common problem for adults over age 50. So for people in this age group, it’s another reason to be careful to maintain their immune system at a healthy level as much as possible.

The Effectiveness of T’ai Chi

Thankfully, vaccinations are available for shingles and studies have shown that when combined with T’ai Chi, the results are even more promising.

Although more research studies need to be done, the positive effects of T’ai Chi so far have helped researchers to conclude that T’ai Chi – coupled with immunization – has been an effective intervention in preventing Shingles in older people.

Aside from helping bring better immunity to Shingles, T’ai Chi also shows signs of helping to decrease body pain, improve physical functioning, mental health and vitality.

So, for those age 50 and above, proof is growing that T’ai Chi is a fantastic way to combat the painful effects of Shingles and maintain your health!

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