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T'ai Chi For Life Health and Fitness Full Package with bonus items

T’ai Chi For Life Health and Fitness (Full Package with bonus items)

Written by Dr. Stewart McFarlane – Follow 287 pages of detailed instructions, showing how to perform the Cheng Man Ch’ing Form in less than 10 minutes a day. You’ll very quickly realise why these unique illustrations are so valuable and effective to your new and stimulating regime. This can be truly life changing – do you feel the time is now right to do something a little different?….

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 Buddhism, Skilfulness and Mastering Life image

Buddhism, Skillfulness and Mastering Life: Dharma Stories Ancient and Modern

My latest book is going to reveal everything you need to fully understand the seemingly chaotic modern world around you – and your place in it – through ancient Buddhist teachings…

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T'ai Chi For Life App

The “T’ai Chi For Life” App

The T’ai Chi For Life app is now available to download from the App Store®, and is compatible with iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad®. Tai Chi For Life is a fully comprehensive guide to the Cheng Man-ch’ing form. Every movement and change in posture throughout the form sequence is shown with clearly annotated diagrams, and accompanied with a detailed text description…..

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Ways of the Spiritual Warrior image

Ways of the Spiritual Warrior: East Asian Martial Arts and their Transmission to the West

My latest book is a detailed collection of some of the results of my 35 years training and 30 years researching martial arts. This hard-won research included actually MEETING and TRAINING WITH some of the leading masters of the major forms of East Asian martial arts. The thing is: I wrote this book after noticing that MANY Western martial artists see what they do purely as a sport, a way to stay fit or a self-defence system. Now that’s fine, but if you really want to understand your art at the deepest level, it’s important to have a well-informed grasp of the spiritualcultural and ideological background to it….

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T’ai Chi Ch’uan: Wisdom in Action in a Chinese Martial Art

Inside this special 72-page report, you’ll discover the rich, turbulent history of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and how it came to embody the physical and spiritual core of Chinese culture.

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Of Mice and Zen: Animal Encounters in the Life of a Wandering Buddhist

Dr STEWART McFARLANE, the well-known Buddhist scholar and T’ai chi master has respected nature for as long as he can remember. Having spent a lifetime in the company of animals he developed an understanding that few people possess – his knowledge and discoveries have now been compiled into a personal and reflective collection of animal stories.

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