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“Of Mice and Zen”


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Greetings to all who love the

world of animals!


Dr STEWART McFARLANE, the well-known Buddhist scholar and T’ai chi master has respected nature for as long as he can remember. Having spent a lifetime in the company of animals he developed an understanding that few people possess – his knowledge and discoveries have now been compiled into a personal and reflective collection of animal stories.

Warning – if you think that you really know what makes animals tick you are in for quite a surprise as Stewart reveals his Buddhist thinking and philosophy around all things living.

In our hectic and stressful life it’s all too easy to turn to short term so-called ‘solutions’ but animals have a wonderful knack of radiating a calming and relaxing feeling – they give this without expectation of reward.



 Of Mice and Zen book description


Getting his first dog when he was nine – a collie-terrier cross who came from a local farm. She went everywhere with him; exploring the woods and lanes, swimming in the river, camping out under the trees. She even tracked Stewart on a two-mile walk to school one day when he had to get permission to take her home during the morning break, but only after she had received a full quota of petting and admiration from his classmates, who crowded around them in the playground. It was about this time he began devouring all the animal stories he could get hold of.



The author holds strong views on animal cruelty and mistreatment and opposes the unnecessary killing of animals; hating with a passion the burgeoning animal cruelty stories; consequently he became a vegetarian at the age of eleven. He also abhors the cruelty involved in the mass production of meat in factory farming and in slaughterhouses.



It was his concern for nature and the environment and his strong feelings about the way animals are treated which led him to an interest in Hinduism and Buddhism. A later chapter is devoted to his favourite Hindu animal story; the account of Prince Yudhisthira and his faithful dog. He records it later in the book, even though the story is from the ‘Great Epic the Mahabharata’. This didn’t happen to him personally, but its message has been profoundly important in his life, so he considers its inclusion is justified. When he first read the story at the age of 16, he was even more convinced of the wisdom of Hinduism and Asian religions.



There are clear benefits to children and families to having animals around, especially dogs. If dogs and children are raised correctly, then they learn self-discipline and the importance of being responsible for an animal and taking care of it properly. They are better socialized generally because they learn to put the needs of the pet first at times, and so learn to be more selfless and more caring. If they regularly walk and play with the dog, then they get the benefit of exercise as well as the dog. Dogs in particular are known to have a relaxing effect on humans. Petting your dog and playing with it can actually raise serotonin levels.



Ever since the first people sat around their campfires, we have told stories to try to make sense of the world – or more likely to escape it. When we tell a story, we make connections and none more so than with our pets. Stewart makes no apology for the frequent occurrence of dog stories in his book. Many dog-owning readers will recognize similar events and relationships in their lives with their dog companions.


In this book you’ll also read about and discover:


  • The Elephant’s Picnic or ‘How I Came to Be in an Elephant Camp in Thailand’
  • Vicky the Shetland Sheepdog – what happened to the hamsters climbing over her?
  • An Audience with Nessie and Other Sea Monsters – prehistoric marine animals and diving with Hammerhead sharks – what you mustn’t do!
  • Paddy the Irish Setter – bonding with your dog and play-fight psychology.
  • Three Heroes and Their Faithful Dogs – a favourite Hindu animal story.
  • Mimi the Smart Formosan Mountain Dog – used by the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan.
  •  The Enchanting Sea Life of Monterey Bay – diving off the Californian coast with sea lions
  • A Whale of a Time in Hawaii – whales put on a full cabaret act!
  • Monkey Madness in a Thai Paradise – how a small Macaque was trained to extract money from tourists.
  • Pepsi, the Chicken Killer: the Reformation of a Thai German Shepherd Dog.
  • Androcles and the Snake – how a trapped snake reacted to her rescuer. 
  • Brian the Homing Snail – a Thai delicacy and protecting him from being eaten, and… 
  • The Zen method for strengthening the bond between dog and owner. 

….and much, much more



This is truly a unique piece of animal perspectives told from every day experiences that all of us encounter. After reading this book many people have now become far more aware and opened up their ‘third eye’ to the wonders of the world of animals and their friends. Sometimes it’s rather refreshing to escape the world of humans for a little while don’t you think?

If you have also been looking for animal stories this will keep your imagination stimulated for hours… and maybe long after that!

The author believes we should embrace encounters with all creatures, great and small, and give them honour and respect. The overriding theme of this book is not to show how we try to dominate our animal friends with obedience and control but to learn how their attitude, loyalty and behaviour can deeply enrich our own lives!

A note from Stewart McFarlane:

“I have to say that I’m really proud of this book and have to thank my family for all the help and encouragement they gave me. I also have to thank my dog, Pepsi, for all the love, friendship and enjoyment he has provided over the years – friendship and enjoyment I would love to share with you”:



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“Understanding the threats to

Human and Environmental Survival

….a Buddhist Approach

(Bonus book is available for free with the PDF version of  “Of Mice and Zen”, The Kindle version of the book is sold as a separate item) 

Here’s a story that aptly illustrates our own predicament…

…in the first millennium CE, Polynesian settlers arrived on the Easter Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Within two or three hundred years, the culture that developed in this rich environment exploited its resources and the population of this small island soared to 30,000 people. Easter Islanders lived several centuries without­ serious impact on their environment.

However, tree felling for cooking, boats and building including the substantial wooden runners used to transport their extensive stone statues ultimately led to the almost complete loss of resources and tree cover they had taken for granted.

Eventually there were no longer any trees large enough to build oceangoing canoes, so they were unable to escape to other islands or extend their fishing territories. With the Palm and the Toromiro (a species of flowering tree) virtually gone, there was considerably less rainfall because of less condensation. As their diet suffered, the island was subject to further deforestation leading to soil erosion and reduction in crop production. Inevitably, tribal rivalry broke out; they destroyed each other’s ancestral statues and by the end of the nineteenth century, the Polynesian population numbered just over a hundred… completely weakened and malnourished!

Could this be a warning of cultural and environmental dangers of over exploitation?

The ‘Earth Summit’ in Rio in 1992 stimulated a  greater awareness of the damage being caused to our environment; with scholars of religion and religious believers questioning what role they have had in influencing human understanding of the environment . Is there a conflict between basic beliefs and attitudes to nature and actual religious behaviour?

In this revealing book, Stewart McFarlane discusses the wide divergence of views on the nature of Buddhism, and the role it has in formulating a response to environmental crises. He also illustrates in startling clarity how we are unable to exist or survive without each other. He argues the need for recognizing a spiritual dimension to the social, economic and environmental challenges that all of us now face.

You have now reached the point

where you need to make a decision


Stewart McFarlane“I’ve tried to include everything I believe you need…


“Of Mice and Zen”



(Bonus book is available for free with the PDF version of  “Of Mice and Zen”, The Kindle version of the book is sold as a separate item)

“If you have been looking for original animal stories that are “different” I really feel sure that these stories will captivate both adults and children alike… they are just here waiting for you to download. You won’t find them anywhere else on the Internet and are completely unique to this book”.

The investment is small, just $17. Not only that but Stewart also provides us with a very personal picture of how he sees the threat to human and environmental survival – all through the eyes of Buddhist thinking and philosophy.

This is a must-have book for everyone who is passionate about world we share – in Of Mice and Zen’ you will discover unique animal stories which you can read and enjoy… This is pure storytelling at its best, true stories that will inspire and promote imagination of our animal world!

Thank you for reading. I feel it’s been a privilege to have our pets, not only as friends, but lifetime companions as well… if you feel the same then this book is definitely for you.

Best wishes, 

Dr Stewart McFarlane


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