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How To Practice T’ai Chi When Travelling

If you practice your T’ai Chi Form in the home or at a class somewhere, then you’ll get into a comfortable routine.

But what do you do when you go away on vacation or travelling round and want to stay on top of your T’ai Chi practice? Well, all is not lost. All it needs is a little thought and your fitness levels will not suffer.

Here’s a few ideas to keep you on track as you travel…

If you’re staying at a Hotel, then book one with a Gym.

The gym will be a great place to practice, as you won’t feel out of place in an exercise environment. The other users will quickly ignore you and let you get on with your routine.

They might even become interested enough for you to show them some basic moves and get them inspired to take up T’ai Chi for themselves! The more the merrier!

Just make sure you have a large enough area to move around without bumping into other users or gym machines.

If you don’t stay somewhere with a gym, then you may be able to find a gym local to you that will let you use their facilities at a cheap rate for a few days.

Do some research on the Internet or ask the local tourism people to recommend somewhere near you.

Again, make sure there’s enough space to practice and move around without standard gym equipment getting in your way.

Force yourself to practice by packing your normal T’ai Chi clothing and footwear.

Just taking it along will make you feel guilty enough to practice! Every incentive helps when you’re on the road and need to get in your regular practice sessions.

Take along a T’ai Chi DVD or book to look at when you arrive at your destination.

If you like ‘active’ relaxation, then it will be enough to get you motivated to make time to practice your Forms.

If the thought of practicing in the gym is a bit off putting, then clear an area in your hotel room and practice there. Your routine doesn’t have to be a full blown Form. If you have limited room to move around, then simply practicing some detailed hand and foot movements will be just enough.

Remember: Every little helps.

On a more general fitness level, just watching what you eat, drinking plenty of water and moving around a lot will keep your fitness levels up when you’re on the road.

Look after yourself generally and your T’ai Chi will not deteriorate.

So there we are… a few ideas to keep you going on the road. If you give it some thought beforehand and think laterally, there’s no reason to worry about your T’ai Chi performance suffering as you travel.

Just think of it as a challenge and you’ll soon enjoy overcoming any obstacles in your way!

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