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How To Motivate Yourself For Your T’ai Chi Sessions

When you decide to take up T’ai Chi, you may experience some resistance.

This resistance can be both internal and external. The external resistance could come from friends and loved ones if they’re not used to you being active and engaging in physical exercise of some kind in the past.

The internal resistance can come from yourself in the form of procrastination.

Here are a few tips to help you overcome this resistance and motivate yourself for your T’ai Chi sessions…

1) Focus on small achievable goals for each session.

This can be something simple like mastering a particular movement or combination of moves to get them just right. The repetition of movements and slow pace will help to fix the sequence in your mind and muscles. Once you’re happy you have those moves memorised, you’ll feel a great sense of achievement and motivation.

2) Practice T’ai Chi with other students whenever you can.

There’s nothing better than learning a skill with a group of likeminded people.

You won’t feel embarrassed and alone, as you’re all in the same boat together. Plus, the emotional support and help you give each other can be very uplifting and not to be underestimated.

3) Try to stay as positive as you can – even when you don’t feel like it.

Resistance and procrastination can strike at any time, so find ways to overcome them.

Just reflect on your progress so far and how much you’ve learned. Just tell yourself that it would be a shame to give it all up now and throw away all the time, effort and money you’ve invested in yourself so far.

4) Immerse yourself in T’ai Chi materials.

This can be reading books, watching videos or listening to special T’ai Chi music. Doing this keeps you in a motivated and positive state of mind and allows the whole T’ai Chi experience to wash over you continually.

Don’t overdo it though. Just a little everyday will keep your mind active and stimulated to learn and practice more.

5) And finally… never give up your dream.

Just remind yourself why you started T’ai Chi in the first place. Try to remain true to your dream of becoming healthier, more flexible and mentally stronger through T’ai Chi.

So remember: Procrastination and resistance can stop you in your tracks at any time… But by focusing on small achievable goals, practicing T’ai Chi with other students, staying positive, immersing yourself in the T’ai Chi experience and never giving up; you’ll stay well motivated for your T’ai Chi sessions.

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