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Buddhism, Skillfulness and Mastering Life


Buddhism, Skillfulness and Mastering Life: Dharma Stories Ancient and Modern

This book is perfect if you want to…

  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of Life
  • Enhance Your Sense of Wellbeing
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Develop Your Appreciation of Buddhist Teachings


From: Dr. Stewart McFarlane

Dear Friend,

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO UNDERSTAND LIFE’S MYSTERIES, learn the value of a meditative and spiritual perspective on life, or want to achieve peace of mind, body and spirit… then this could be the most important page you’ll read all year!

Here’s why…

In today’s hectic and chaotic world, understanding and coping with everything that is thrown at us can mean the difference between stress, worry and anxiety – or a life of contentment and peace!

My name is Dr. Stewart McFarlane and I’m an expert in T’ai Chi, Asian Studies and Buddhism. I’ve researched, taught and lectured on these subjects in Universities around the world for most of my life.

My latest book – “Buddhism, Skillfulness and Mastering Life: Dharma Stories Ancient and Modern” – is going to reveal everything you need to fully understand the seemingly chaotic modern world around you – and your place in it – through ancient Buddhist teachings.

HERE’S THE IMPORTANT POINT: in Buddhist culture, storytelling has been the primary method of teaching Buddhism concepts throughout its history. Stories – more than any other medium – are easier to remember, paint a more vivid picture in the mind’s-eye and are more effective for rediscovering their hidden messages. Messages that are needed even more with today’s lifestyle!

I know this to be true, as I experienced a lot of soul-searching and confusion until I discovered the simple and profound lessons in the ancient stories handed down through Buddhist culture.

These stories and fables influenced my life so much – and gave me the insights I needed to thrive – that I decided to gather together 28 of the most meaningful stories into my latest 113 page book.


When you read these stories, you’ll gain benefits like…

  • Knowing how to confidently deal with situations in life that cause you frustration and worry…
  • With a calm mind and deep understanding of the spiritual aspects of life, your life will become easier and far less stressed…
  • Feeling so much more aware and in-tune and relaxed with your mind and body…
  • When you understand your mind, body and spirit, you’ll find your life has more meaning and purpose than you ever experienced before…
  • Imagine how you’ll feel when your friends and family notice the new and calmer you!
  • You’ll make rapid progress in understanding the mindset you need to enhance your sense of wellbeing, contentment and harmony.

I’m so convinced of the effectiveness and benefits this book will bring to your life, I have no hesitation in saying every minute you wait, you’re denying yourself complete harmony of mind, body and spirit.



Buddhism, Skillfulness and Mastering Life: Dharma Stories Ancient and Modern

Inside this profound and revealing book, you’ll discover…

  • How to turn a truckload of dung into something positive. No matter where you are in your life, you’ll always have some worry and anxiety. The real secret is how to deal with them. In this ancient story, you’ll learn how to look at these feelings in a refreshingly new way, and turn them around because it’s YOU who is now in control…
  • What a great Ape and a Mango tree can teach you about leadership. Many of the greatest leaders in the history of the world all share one particular characteristic. Find out what that characteristic is – and how you can use it – when you read this heart-warming story…
  • How to follow through on anything you say. The Cane Drinking Jataka will show you how to gain loyalty, trust and respect from everyone around you…
  • The Blind Men And The Elephant is a great lesson in tolerance. Many problems in the world are caused by intolerance and the inability to accept someone else’s view of the world. This simple story reminds us that other people see the world in different ways…
  • Why you should always respect your elders and your teachers. The tale on Page 45 teaches us that no matter how old someone is, they should not be ignored, because they know far more than you do…
  • How to defuse any threatening situation. Increase your understanding of compassion and ‘tough love’ through the Tea Ceremony and watching Clint Eastwood movies. Yes, there really is a way of fighting without fighting…
  • Discover a textbook case of successful and peaceful conflict resolution. This involved a distressed woman and the security team guarding His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Here you’ll learn how quick thinking and knowledge of human psychology can save a lot of grief and heartache…
  • What the tale of The Fisherman and the Businessman can teach you about Buddhism and Wealth. Who is more content – the poor fisherman, scraping a living by the sea, or the highflying businessman with great wealth? You decide…
  • How to set the right priorities in your life. If you lead a hectic and frantic life, find it hard to keep up and sometimes feel you have your priorities all wrong – then understanding the King’s Three Questions will help you find balance and direction…
  • And lots, lots more


So Here’s The Bottom Line With

“Buddhism, Skillfulness and Mastering

Life: Dharma Stories Ancient and



You get a downloadable ebook in PDF format that can be read on any ebook reader. You get 28 stories that convey the central teachings of Buddhism and how to put them to work in your own life.

Each story comes with my own thoughts and interpretation, so you can use the underlying concepts in all areas of your life.


You get all of this for only $7…


And you have nothing to lose because you can…


Take A Full 60-Days to Put This Book

to the Test With My Iron-Clad,

Money-Back Guarantee

If “Buddhism, Skillfulness and Mastering Life: Dharma Stories Ancient and Modern” doesn’t show you exactly how to really understand what’s going on around you… or if it fails to help you increase your peace of mind, body and spirit, then you’ll receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!


As you can see, I’ll the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so….


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It’s that simple.

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“The Difference Between Happiness and

Sadness is Often Simply Applying Powerful

and Effective Beliefs”


“Buddhism, Skillfulness and Mastering Life: Dharma Stories Ancient and Modern” is the key to identifying what those beliefs are… and giving you many ways to make powerful and intelligent decisions.

To your life success,

Dr. Stewart McFarlane


P.S. This really is a defining moment in your life. You can now see what’s been holding you back – and more importantly – how “Buddhism, Skillfulness and Mastering Life: Dharma Stories Ancient and Modern” will move you forward. So be bold and grasp this with both hands!

P.P.S. Don’t forget, this is no risk to you as I’m taking all the responsibility on my shoulders. You’re fully covered by my ironclad, 60-day, money-back GUARANTEE.